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TRIAID and our sister company Theraplay Ltd have been designing and manufacturing tricycles since the early 1980's. Since the first hand cycle design was conceived TRIAID has been committed to continually working to improve the performance and quality of the products we manufacture. We seek new ways to improve the products in terms of their performance, durability, aesthetics and in the range of supports available to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the rider.

TRIAID products are designed for disabled cyclists. These cycles are designed to be easy to pedal, stable and comfortable. We have carefully considered the frame geometry to allow the rider to pedal whilst sitting in a comfortable position and to make it easy to get on and off the cycle. The storage and transportation of the cycles are often a very important factor on how the cycles are used, this is why TRIAID offers a folding version of most of our cycles. 

Our hand built cycle frames are manufactured in-house and exported worldwide. The frames have a 2 year warranty and are built using quality materials to provide strength and durability. The frames are painted using our own in-house powder paint system allowing a choice of 10 standard color finishes, this powder coating process provides a durable and consistent paint finish.

The frames are assembled using specially selected components that have been chosen to be easy to use and to provide a good consistent performance. These components are sourced worldwide but where possible we purchase products locally, working with U.S. suppliers to supply parts to our own specification.

All at TRIAID are keen to continue with the development of our cycles for disabled riders, we are always happy to receive feed-back from users, their families or professionals involved with cycling for the disabled, we learn from you.