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Lottie on tricycle

Almost every day we hear about another study extolling the positive virtues of regular exercise. However for many individuals with special needs it is not always easy to exercise either because of a physical difficulty in movement or with a cognitive understanding of safe activities.

Cycling offers many individuals the chance to exercise in a safe and controlled manner, having both a therapeutic benefit as well as a recreational value. The use of an adaptive cycle can improve a rider's balance, improve coordination and help strengthen muscles in riders with disabilities. Cycling is a fun activity so some riders may not fully appreciate the benefit they receive from turning the pedals, instead they will just enjoy the freedom of movement it provides and the thrill of pedalling as fast as they can, at TRIAID we refer to this as FUN THERAPY.

TRIAID's philosophy is to provide cycles which enable riders of all abilities to have the opportunity to cycle as independently as possible.