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Comfort Saddle


PRODUCT CODE # A5 The Comfort Saddle combines a broad seating surface with a small back support.

This saddle provides comfort and support for riders who have good seating stability but need the added reassurance of a back support to prevent slipping backwards on the saddle. It can be used in combination with the Basic Seat Post or the T Style Seat Post. 

Who is it for?

It is intended for riders with reasonable or good sitting balance, although they may need the added backrest as a prompt to maintain their seating position.

What types of cycle can this be fitted onto?

It can be fitted to the Terrier tricycle, TMX tricycle, TMX T5 tricycle, Tracker 20" tricycle, Tracker T5 20" tricycle, Tracker 24" tricycle, Tracker T5 24" tricycle and both sizes of QUAD cycles.