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Tracker T5 24"

Technical Specifications

Overall Length 69" (175cm)
Overall Width 32" (81cm)
To suit Inside Leg 25" (64cm) to 30" (76cm)
Seat to handlebars 22" (56cm) to 25" (63cm)
Max User Weight 200lbs (90kg)
Wheel Size (Front) 24" x 2.125
Wheel Size (Rear) 24" x 2.125

Product FAQ

Q. What is the age range of your tricycles?

Our tricycles cater for ages from 2 1/2 years through to adult. The age range for a product is only a guide to choosing the model size, for a more accurate guide please check the Inside Leg Measurement for foot propelled tricycles. The key dimension for Handcycles is the Centre of Seat to Pedals measurement.

Our sizing chart will guide you to the most suitable size of tricycle.

Contact us if you need any assistance or advice with the product dimensions.

Q. How do I transport and store your larger tricycles?

All TRIAID tricycles with the exception of the IMP and Terrier models are supplied with a frame folding mechanism as part of the standard specification. This allows the tricycle to be split into two sections for easier storage or transportation. This feature is available as an option on the Terrier model.

Q. Is there any assistance available for funding?

TRIAID has close links with a number of charities and organisations which provide funding assistance for the purchase of our cycles. We have developed these links over the years and are now either the sole supplier or prefererred supplier with many of these organisations. 

Please see our funding assistance section or contact us for advice on the application procedure.


Q. Do I need to wear a cycle helmet?

TRIAID recommends that all riders wear head protection when cycling. However, it may not be possible for all riders either through a physical condition or a learning disability to wear a helmet, in these circustmance we would recommend that riders are fully supervised and cycles with Rear Steering Mechanisms or Control Systems are used.

Branding Suitable For
Teenagers and Adults

The Tracker T5 24" models offers enhanced styling and greater comfort for longer cycle rides.

Product Code # TT1/SG

The Tracker T5 24" Tricycle features a broad flat sided oval tubing frame for strength and 24" wheels for smooth running over various terrains. All Tracker T5 models are fitted with a front suspension fork unit with disc and V-Style brakes for greater stopping power and enhanced comfort. This comes with an indexed adjustable handlebar stem which can be adjusted for arm reach. There are two brakes levers, one has a parking brake feature.

There are gearing options available for the Tracker T5 range; Fixed Gear, Freewheel Gear or Option Drive Gear. The cycle is fitted with a low gear ratio making it easy to get going, it also limits the top speed to enable the rider to stay in control. The gear ratio can be changed to suit the rider's pedaling ability.

The Tracker T5 can be fitted with additional postural support and several saddle options. It can be folded for transportation and storage and it has an adjustable steering stop which helps to enhance the stability of the tricycle and give the rider additional control.

The Tracker T5 24" model is a popular choice for schools, cycling centres and for individual users.

Standard Colours

Optional Colours

Build your own version of this product by combining accessories to suit your child's specific needs!